Mozaic Social Media Analytics

Collect, share, measure

Mozaic is like your own content concierge — it enables you to easily aggregate, moderate and push live social media content in a visually accessible way. You choose what to share and then how, when and where to share it. Perfect for social media, Mozaic is also a terrific tool any time you want to curate and distribute content. Think event and logistics information, real-time promotions and contests, ticket availability and special access.

Mozaic offers:

  • Rich capabilities—aggregate all your social media and then make it better. Add pictures, graphics—whatever you like, really—and serve it up in a uniquely cool format on any screen.
  • Flexible options—custom or turn-key, do it once or as a subscription service, it’s available for mobile, within a website, on a computer or kiosk.
  • Insightful metrics—track hashtags and/or accounts; target your efforts, drive efficiencies, and demonstrate the measurable effect of your efforts.

How it works:

Mozaic on location:

Women’s Tennis Association

  • Social media video wall
  • Featured player profiles and official Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • Tag cloud with popular hashtags
  • Digigraph functionality enabled fans to send a message to a specific handle and receive an image of a signed tennis ball from their favorite player

Madison Square Garden

  • Interactive social media dashboard on an 84” 4K touch display
  • Visualizes related hashtag stats and official Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • Two smaller screens serve as information posters, enticing passers-by to sign up for official email news
  • Dashboard designed for mobile devices presents relevant usage statistic
  • App collects a variety of stats, including utilizing motion tracking to count users