Application development

Educate, interact, enrich

What do you want to do?

From practical mobile event registration apps to bigger-than-life interactive experiences, our expert team develops custom applications that help you do what you want to do in engaging and memorable ways. And it’s easy to get started—just give us a call and we’ll help you identify, design and build the perfect app.

Need to make it portable?

Simple but powerful event apps, brand-enhancing registration apps, easy-to-use business management apps, and innovative location-based games—we make designing and building mobile apps both easy and powerfully effective through our proven processes and technical expertise.

Want to invite audiences to engage?

Our custom-built applications engage users to deliver amazing experiences. Tell us what you want to share and we’ll help you do so in a fresh and meaningful approach. Interactive video walls, gamification, trivia apps, bigger-than-life experiences, interactive timelines—and much, much more.

Want to give your guests an innovative memory to go?

Everyone loves a digital take-away to share. We make it fun and easy—sometimes even epic—either as an add-on to an existing app or by creating a standalone user-generated or auto-generated memory maker solution. Whether an elite photobooth, digital postcard, or v-card, your audience can create memories and share them instantly.

Need to make your experience richer?

Our program support apps match a broad range of needs, from lighting and video control, to leader boards to data collection. And, with our social media engine, Panjiea, you can aggregate, moderate and push live social media content. Panjiea is also a terrific tool to curate and distribute content, including event and logistics information, real-time promotions and contests and ticket availability.

Customer feedback

“The demo takes advantage of the fact that people love to drive cars – fast – and love to compete. At events, people are drawn in by the big racing screen, the energy, the noise of roaring engines, the real-time Twitter feed, and the laughter.”

– Alicia J., Hewlett Packard Enterprise