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You want to do it new. Different. Cool. You’re going for a “Check this out!” moment. Whether it’s immersive virtual reality, an interactive video wall or an event app, it’s an opportunity to inspire, enchant, impress and engage your audience. You can do that here.

Funnel 33 creates amazing interactive experiences that advance your goals, including:

  • Immersive virtual reality and augmented reality executions to captivate audiences, increase data capture and increase brand affinity.
  • Compelling gamification to translate your business content into exciting, memorable experiences.
  • Impactful, relevant apps and winning use of creative to enhance attendee events and deliver unique encounters.
  • Larger-than-life or personal-sized custom interactive video walls bring guests inside your story.
  • Control, moderate, and push live social media content creatively through Mozaic, our social media analytics engine.

All of these experiences are complemented by our exceptional event management team for outstanding and worry-free executions.

With Funnel 33 you get:


Whatever you can imagine, we can create. And if you are starting with a challenge instead of an idea—no problem. Our team of creative and technology experts will work with you to design an amazing experience. Then, we’ll use the best technology to bring it to life.


Our focus on a quality execution starts with our dedicated team for efficient, smooth delivery and extends all the way to building our own custom shipping containers to ensure everything works spot-on, right out of the box.


In addition to creative and technical chops, we have years of event management and execution experience which enables us to not only build installations to match your environment but also allows us to provide you with onsite IT and event support.


We’ve produced installations on nearly every continent and although we haven’t yet been to Antarctica, if that’s where you’re going, we’re game!


Check out our work to see what we can do, or contact us to get started.

Our work

History at your fingertips

Madison Square Garden Concourse Installation

How do you tell a better story? Let your audience engage with it. When the world’s most famous arena underwent a billion-dollar facelift, technology company and sponsor SAP wanted an entertaining way to showcase Madison Square Garden’s rich history and illustrate its place in pop culture. We designed and developed an interactive video wall that enables users to view 366 memorable moments—one for each day of the year, including Leap Day. Visitors click on a moment to learn what made it unforgettable, then share it. An interactive social media dashboard visualizes related hashtag stats, as well as official Twitter and Instagram feeds. You might say we gave these defining moments a new life.

Race to value

HP New Style of IT Race Game

Happens all the time—a new sales initiative. Then what? How about a cool game to connect customers to your solutions? Designed and built from scratch on the Unity framework, we created a networked first-person auto racing game. Multiple custom tracks enable players to choose their race and, while they race, the game solicits players’ input about specific business problems and serves up possible HP solutions. From Moscow to Mumbai and everywhere in between, event attendees flocked to play and HP brand ambassadors walked away with valuable information about their business needs and interest in relevant HP solutions. We also developed an interactive “Virtual Pit Crew” app that runs on a large touchscreen monitor and helps waiting players get pumped for their time on the track. You can almost smell the burning rubber.

Wish for it

Giant HP Ultrabook

Remember in Big, when Tom Hanks played Chopsticks on an oversized keyboard? This giant laptop might have been inspired by that. An innovative application platform, the laptop consists of a 10-foot wide keyboard integrated with a 9-monitor multi-touch video wall. The applications we developed enable the wall to be used for a product launch, milestone celebration, live video conferencing and much more. For greater interaction, we developed the wall with a perimeter touch-sensing frame, capable of registering 32 simultaneous touches. The experience is pinpoint accurate, and one person’s touch never interferes with another. We chose very lightweight displays—saves big on shipping costs—and off-board electronics design, for longer panel life and better user experience. Almost makes you want to do a little dance, doesn’t it?

Tiny bubbles. And big ones, too

The Bubble Wall

Picture yourself at a music festival. But not on the field. You’re in the VIP lounge. Or maybe at the opening of an exclusive new club. You feel the beat then suddenly it’s more than just sound. A gorgeous 20’ x 15’ wall of nearly 200 bubbles ranging from 8-inch to 30-inch in diameter floods the space in front of you with brilliant color. Not only that, you can take control of the bubbles. In addition to actually building the bubble wall, we created an app that lets you select bubbles, choose colors and effects, and then watch as the bubbles respond. Take a selfie and it will be automatically emailed to you. Who’s thirsty for some champagne?

Get your head in the game

Manchester City Football Group SAP Insights Wall and Fan Center

What’s more exciting than a live sporting event? What about accessing player and team information, creating cool shareable moments, and team and game-related activities? For Man City, the SAP Insights Wall features two applications, designed to drive fan engagement and social interactions while highlighting SAP’s analytics partnership with City Football Group. Fans have a host of fun options on the Wall, everything from accessing player profiles and match video to player photo ops and real-time match and team stats. Our social media engine, Mozaic, aggregates social media activity and tracks analytics. The apps were designed and developed with future updates in mind allowing for new builds to be pushed remotely. In addition, the Fan Center features two 58″ touch screens, set in a landscape orientation at either end of the City Pulse pod and offers seven fun options, including a Head2Head team and player comparison, leaderboards, fan poll, club quiz and photo Memory Maker. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL!

How safe are you?

HPE Security Attack Demo

Remember playing Battleship—either the plastic peg version or the computer video game? (Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell us which.) This educational, interactive demo hearkens back to that idea. You take control from a 42” kiosk that can be set up virtually anywhere, usually a tradeshow or similar event. First, select the type of cyber-attack you want to learn about, then chose the budget to invest in your security defense. Next, pick solutions to fit your budget. Now for the fun—simulate an attack and watch how well you fared. Did your solution stand the test or were you breached? You’re rewarded with a professional recommendation of the best HPE security solutions to meet your needs—and a warm, safe, fuzzy feeling.

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